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Kent Center Clients Create a Collage of Hope & Gratitude

The Kent Center and its staff often receive very warm and heartfelt letters from clients or family members expressing how grateful they are for the services they received, and how much their lives have improved because of their experiences at the Center. These are cherished reminders of how important the work conducted at The Kent Center is. Recently, one group of clients decided to get together to show their appreciation in a rather unique and creative way to the Center, their 'no-nonsense' clinician, and each other.

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The women of the Thursday Night Women's Group, which was run through outpatient substances abuses services at the Center, created a beautiful collage comprised of poignant letters, poems, words and images that reflect where they've been and how far they've come. They wrote down their individual thoughts and emotions, and combined them to express a collective sense of gratitude for the help they've received and the friendships they've made. The women presented the collage to their clinician Jane Thomson as a gift to the program and the entire Kent Center community.

For 18 weeks Jane lead the group which was comprised of women struggling with alcohol or other drug addictions, as well as issues of trauma caused either from childhood abuse and/or neglect, or domestic violence in adulthood. All were unemployed and none had ever been treated for their post-traumatic stress disorder. Some had lost their children. At the end of 18 weeks and after a lot of hard work, all are maintaining their sobriety and have attained employment. One woman has come so far that she was reunited with her children. Many, for the first time, have made invaluable friendships with peers.


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